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Media Studies

Why study Media at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

Media Studies is designed to provide a technical and analytical introduction into the world of Media.

Why does Media matter as a subject?

In today’s world, media is a vital component of all aspects of our everyday lives, we eat, sleep and breathe media. The way we digest the media is important and through the study of Media and Representations, we learn to decode the messages given to us all by all areas of the media.

Students learn to question and challenge the messages given to them and make up their own minds.

What does Media help young people to achieve?

  • Understanding how the Media operates is useful for any company you join. Your knowledge of working in the media sector will make you a useful, adaptable and confident student or employee.
  • Understanding codes & conventions of media products help you understand how creative advertising is used to attract the consumer.
  • Numeracy skills are improved in Media Studies as you study investment, funding and how to use and interpret audience viewing data.
  • Studying how media producers adjust to a changing market will teach you how to be an adaptable, flexible person. This shows you are capable of taking on multiple roles within your college or career.
  • Media also forces you to be organised and to plan ahead. Learning how to generate marketable ideas, access resources and develop production plans all require a great deal of organisation.


Media is everywhere and every product is produced to be consumed.

At KS3 we aim to introduce our young people to the ever changing world of planning and constructing media products.

Learning Journey

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