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Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School


FAQs SEND May 2021

SEND Policy

SEND Information report

Local Offer Digital Leaflet

At Netherhall Learning Campus we make every effort to achieve maximum inclusion of all pupils.

The Governing Body ensures that appropriate provision is made for all children whether it is SEND, Vulnerable or Higher Able

Our Campus Vision

  • To provide a safe and secure place to learn
  • To provide a caring and welcoming environment for all to work together to create an inclusive and supportive environment which helps students become informed, confident, independent, involved and responsible citizens
  • To encourage self-esteem, independence and emotional intelligence
  • To provide a variety of fun, stimulating, quality learning experiences which enable all learners to reach their full potential
  • To provide a balanced, broad and differentiated curriculum, which is equally accessible to all, and which encourages learners to develop knowledge, skills and understanding
  • To value and respect all, in our community and beyond, creating a caring community whose basis is tolerance, understanding and concern for other people
  • To encourage perseverance and a positive attitude to learning
  • To encourage healthy, safe life choices
  • To build strong effective relationships with all in our community
  • To create firm foundations for the future, as individuals and citizens, leaving students at the end of their formal and full-time education with an appetite for acquiring further knowledge, skills and awareness throughout their lives.

Our Campus SEND Values

  • Our schools are highly inclusive. Pupils feel safe, secure, valued and respected. As we have an encouraging, positive and supportive atmosphere everybody is given the opportunity to develop their personal learning, access appropriate support, and begin to learn from each other.
  • We focus on the early identification of additional needs to enable our pupils have appropriate support in place in order to remove barriers to learning at the earliest opportunity.
  • All pupils have equal access to the curriculum, resources and support, appropriate to their needs. We want everyone to feel successful and have their success recognised and celebrated.
  • High quality, inclusive teaching ensures that planning and implementation meets the needs of ALL pupils, and builds in high expectations for ALL pupils, including those with SEND.
  • Our teachers’ have the enthusiasm and supportive attitude that engage and motivate learners which ensure pupils progress and allows pupils to overcome any barriers to learning.
  • Our teachers use individual support strategies and we provide access to additional, targeted teacher input and SEND intervention where needed.
  • We track the progress of our pupils through a range of methods including standardised testing and SEND assessments to ensure progress and identify gaps in learning or difficulties early so that the right individualised support can be put in place.
  • We value and encourage parent and carer involvement to work as partners to provide the best support for the learning and well-being of our SEND pupils
  • We work closely with experts and outside professionals to gain advice on how to support our SEND pupils as part of a graduated approach to continually ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ the support and interventions in place for our SEND Learners.

Parent Quotes

“Wonderful school, staff go above and beyond to help SEND children achieve their full potential, my son has exceeded any expectations we had since he started at NLC”

“I feel like he is getting the best support now. He has come on such a long way and I am happy with the progress they are making. Staff are very approachable and friendly. We are grateful for everything that the school has done.”

 “She has been supported, yes, definitely. I am happy with the support.  I feel quite comfortable. She feels safe in school.  I have no issues. Staff have been brilliant with her.  That’s why I want her to stay at Netherhall.”

Student Quotes

“My support is good because I have lots of help with my learning. I have extra English & Maths support. The Fresh Start helps me with my reading & spelling, I think I am getting better with this. Everything is good with the support I get. I like the staff here.”

“Staff help to calm me down and let me talk to them about what is wrong. It helps me get out how I’m feeling so it’s not sticking on my chest. I know who I can go to for help if I need support.”

“My support person is good. She helps me in Literacy. We talk about my ideas and then she helps me by writing them down. Also, I have a laptop and my own workstation in class. They help me with my work so I can concentrate better.”

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