Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School

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Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School

School Ethos

Here at Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School our four core values underpin our very ethos.

They are part of our uniform like the jumper on our backs. We wear our heart on our sleeves and our badge with honour. It is the symbol of our dedication to our home and to bring us altogether as one.  Friendship is more than companionship- for us- it is a way of life. We give children the freedom to be themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Our friendship circle is fluid meaning a friend to one is friend to all. We pride ourselves on the respect we show to all of our visitors and recognise this follows us wherever we go. We work together as a one family to overcome any obstacle- persevering to achieve our best. We never give up on ourselves or on each other.  NLC is our home where we flourish and feel safe.


 ‘When you keep on going and don’t give up even when it is hard’.
Markella Year 5


‘ Being kind to everyone and understand that each person has their own views and being accepting of them’
Leona Year 3


‘Always telling the truth about things even when you are involved’                                     
Paige Year 6


‘Caring for people, being kind and helping everyone’                                                                   
Din Year 4

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