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Online Safety

Netherhall Learning Campus recognises the commitment of our school to keeping staff and pupils safe online and acknowledges its part in the school’s overall safeguarding policies and procedures. It shows our commitment to meeting the requirement to keep pupils safe when using technology. We believe the whole school community can benefit from the opportunities provided by the internet and other technologies used in everyday life.

Our school supports this by identifying the risks and the steps we are taking to avoid them. It shows our commitment to developing a set of safe and responsible behaviours that will enable us to reduce the risks whilst continuing to benefit from the opportunities. We wish to ensure that all members of the school community are aware that unlawful or unsafe behaviour is unacceptable and that, where necessary disciplinary or legal action will be taken. We aim to minimise the risk of misplaced or malicious allegations being made against adults who work with pupils.

As part of our commitment to Online Safety we also recognise our obligation to implement a range of security measures to protect the school network and facilities from attack, compromise and inappropriate use and to protect school data and other information assets from loss or inappropriate use.

Look below find out the e-safety rules we teach the children to help them stay safe online

Online safety advice 2021

We deliver key messages via our e-safety lessons as part of the ICT curriculum. Assemblies are also used as key opportunities to update students on e-safety. 

The school has a secure network and ICT facilities that filter our internet and email systems to ensure students are safe when using the school's ICT systems.

We are committed to raising e-safety awareness amongst our students and it is an integral part of our safeguarding profile. The CEOP and ThinkUKnow links on our website provide further e-safety advice should you require this.

Please follow the link below for access to a useful online safety guidebook ‘The Little Book of Badness’ for students and parents.


Oscar's Adventures in the Online World

Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World has been created to help you understand what it takes to stay safe in the online world. Please read and use it as a story book at home. It will take the children on an adventure while learning how to make safer decisions when using the internet. Help Oscar make the right decisions so he can avoid dangers on his journey through the online world.
This story will also be delivered to the classes as it's a really good story to use in the current world. 

Oscars adventures

Useful Links for Parents and Students

Here are some useful websites to keep your child safe

Alexa is an artificial intelligence (AI) software assistant created by Amazon in 2014 through which smartphone, tablet and smart device users can issue voice commands and ask questions in a range of languages by issuing the ‘wake’ or activation word Alexa. It can be accessed in several ways and is integrated into a growing number of ‘smart’ products including speakers, phones and clocks. Once viewed as expensive gimmicks, Alexa is now one of the most used voice assistants in the world.

In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as privacy risks, age-inappropriate content and insecure devices.

Amazon Alexa

A free online safety guide on online content: 10 tips to keep your children safe online

The internet has transformed the ability to access content. Many apps that children use are dependent on user-generated content which can encourage freedom of expression, imagination and creativity. However, due to the sheer volume uploaded every day, it can be difficult for platforms to regulate and moderate everything, which means that disturbing or distressing images, videos or audio clips can slip through the net. That’s why we’ve created this guide to provide parents and carers with some useful tips on keeping children safe online.

In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as age inappropriate content, privacy issues and mental health.

Online safety


Remote Learning

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