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Why study English at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

As a core subject, English helps to support all other areas of the curriculum. Through the study of English language and literature, students develop their ability to analyse texts, make reasoned evaluations, and express themselves creatively and with clarity and confidence. We also believe that the study of English helps young people to better understand the world around them, and to develop respectful, positive inter-personal relationships.

Why does English matter as a subject?

The study of English encourages a love of the written word, and introduces students to a wide range of texts from different genres, cultures and time periods. Reading and discussing texts helps to open students’ eyes to life experiences beyond their direct knowledge, and enables them to see the world from a tolerant, open-minded and evaluative point of view. Developing the ability to communicate clearly and creatively will help academic progress in every area of the curriculum, and is hugely beneficial in the wider world.


What does English help young people to achieve?

The English Curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to explore different viewpoints and perspectives, and encourages them to find their own voice when responding to what they have read. The ability to be able to communicate confidently is a high priority, and students are given many opportunities to develop their skills in both the written and spoken word. As a department, our aim is to prepare all our young people to enter the world of further education and work being able to confidently express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.



In KS3 we aim to inspire a love of reading by introducing students to a range of different literary texts, covering a wide variety of genres, time periods and cultures. We work on building confidence when understanding and analysing texts, and embed the skills that students will need in KS4. We also work on widening our students understanding of vocabulary and grammar, helping them to express themselves with confidence both in speech and in writing. We encourage discussion and debate, and help students to find confidence in their own voice.

Learning Journey

ENG Whole School Learning Journey



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