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Why study Computing at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

Computing aims to introduce pupils to computational ways of thinking, a range of creative solutions to digital problems and combines different numerical systems, communication methods, digital systems, challenging goals, data analysis and manipulation and safe use of the technological world in which they exist today.

Why does Computing matter as a subject?

Computing is an ever evolving world of creativity, a combination of cross curricular skills (mathematics, science, and design and technology to name a few) and knowledge of how digital systems work and thrive. This is vital in a pupils understanding of natural and artificial systems, being digitally literate and being able to express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology so they can be actively engaged in a digital world.

What does Computing help young people to achieve?

Computing allows young people to access a changing workforce with confidence and skills in the latest technological developments. It helps open a young person’s mind to the possibilities the digital world.


Computing isn't about understanding how computers work; it's about understanding how things work so that we can get computers to do them.

In KS3 we aim to get pupils to think logically and design creative solutions by analysing a situation and finding a best fit.

Almost all adults need to approach a large task by breaking it down into smaller steps. 

How many people need to search for, or sort things? 

Who could benefit from understanding how things work and from working more efficiently? This is what computing can teach your children to do.

Topics covered in Year 7:

Topics covered in Year 8:


Standard ways of working




Flow charts – visual coding

Spreadsheet modelling

Instructions in programming

Web design

Software systems

Using computers safely

Computer models

Computing Pioneers

Data storage






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