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Art & Design

Why study Art at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

Art & Design allows students to learn a wide range of skills, develop confidence and express their creative independence. The Art department at Netherhall Learning Campus is creative and vibrant. It offers a range of specialisms including Art, Photography, Textiles and Graphics. At key stage 3 students experience a taster of each subject to allow them to make informed choices when choosing their option subjects. 

Why does Art matter as a subject?

The world we live in wouldn’t be the same without Art. Everything from the clothes we wear, products we buy and advertisements we view have been designed with ascetics in mind, all of this starts with Art & Design. The creative industry is the largest industry in the United Kingdom, the most exciting and innovative in the world and Art can lead to careers that provide opportunities to capture the imagination of many people across the world.

What does Art help young people to achieve?

Art provides young people with the skills push boundaries and be creative. It builds confidence and encourages critical thinking when analysing and discussing art work. Art can boost self-esteem and encourage patience both of these qualities will help young people thrive in other areas of the curriculum.


In KS3 we develop students drawing, painting, textile and graphics skills through a range of projects. Allowing students to access different areas of the art curriculum at Key Stage 3 keeps the work exciting and challenging as well as giving students a taster of what individual art subject’s offer at Key Stage 4. While developing skills in different specialisms students will focus on the formal elements of line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern & colour. Literacy skills are also developed as students are encouraged to discuss and analyse art work.

Learning Journey 

Art Overall Learning Journey

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