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Food Preparation and Nutrition

Why study Food Preparation and Nutrition at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

The aim of Food Preparation and Nutrition is to provide each and every student the opportunity to develop a broad range of practical skills, techniques and recipes that will benefit them in the future. Students are provided with an opportunity to be creative and independent. Students can explore their creativity in cooking and preparing a variety of dishes.

Why does Food Preparation and Nutrition matter as a subject?

Cooking and healthy eating is an important life skill and Food Preparation and Nutrition is focused on preparing healthy dishes safely and hygienically. Students will explore healthy eating and balanced diets and will learn about the nutritional needs of different groups in society, developing their knowledge of foods they may not have tasted before.

What does Food Preparation and Nutrition help young people to achieve?

In year 7 we concentrate on teaching students practical cookery skills in order to help them understand the characteristics of ingredients and about their diet and nutritional needs. This helps students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to make and implement healthy food choices and to be comfortable and confident in a kitchen. During year 8 these skills are developed further and students begin creating healthy, family meals.


In KS3 we aim to ensure students develop the basic skills they will require later in life to follow a variety of recipes to encourage a balanced diet. They will also learn about the variety diets that are followed around the world due to both cultural and medical reasons.

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