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Why study History at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

History gives pupils the opportunity to challenge what they think they already know about our past. Pupils are encouraged to think critically and question historical sources and interpretations. History engages pupils with learning about a diverse range of people and histories and gives them key skills that they will need to go on to be successful in the future.


Why does History matter as a subject?

The study of History is essential to help pupils understand the world that we live in today. It gives an insight into how societies around the world have developed over time and helps pupils to grasp that there are differing interpretations about key turning points in the past and to help them create their own views of the past.


What does History help young people to achieve?

History gives pupils a wide range of skills that will help them to achieve in the future. History focuses on improving pupils’ literacy skills with the importance of reading and writing promoted within the subject. Pupils’ skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking are developed throughout the Key Stages with an emphasis on encouraging pupils to form their own judgements on historical arguments. These skills are highly regarded in a wide range of careers; including law, business and journalism.


In KS3 we aim to promote a passion for the subject, give pupils an understanding of how History is studied and the importance of learning about our past. It gives pupils the opportunity to explore the way that Britain has evolved over time and consider its impact on the wider world. We introduce students to important historical skills; including source analysis, debate and essay writing.


Learning Journey


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