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Why study Drama at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

Drama is designed to be a practical, engaging and creative subject for learners to enjoy and study.

Why does Drama matter as a subject?

It will provide opportunities to understand create and explore life through drama and practical performances. Drama can help students increase in confidence, build relationships and generate different further educational paths that they may be unaware of.

What does Drama help young people to achieve?

The main purpose of Drama is to allow learners to study drama in an academic setting, interrogating this art form and applying their knowledge and understanding to the process of: creating and developing drama and their own performance work.


As well as developing knowledge, understanding and skills in the subject area, the drama curriculum supports the development of learners as individuals, contributors to society and developing pupils as contributors to the economy and environment. Through drama, learners express themselves emotionally and imaginatively. They explore and respond to the views and feelings of others. We explore how drama is used to educate about and resolve issues of social concern and how it can give insight into different cultures. The skills it produces for the work place are things such as empathy, confidence, and communication which are essential skills in a range of careers. Economic awareness is considered through the process of investigating funding sources available to the performing arts.

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