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In Science our vision is “To create science citizens of the future, capable of making informed choices across the wide spectrum of everyday issues that directly impact them and the world around them.”

To aid this we believe in using “science in the news” during our teaching wherever possible. We also attempt to include any Science careers within our teaching to demonstrate the wide range of opportunities that are available to our pupils.

Topics covered in Year 7:

Topics covered in Year 8:




Compounds & Mixtures






Heating & Cooling




Solar System

Ecological Relationships

Gas Exchange




Plants & Photosynthesis





Earth & Earth Materials

Light & Sound

Why does Science matter as a subject?

Science matters because knowing how the world works isn’t easy.  At Netherhall Learning Campus High School we want our students to know that asking questions is the key to understanding.

We believe that studying Science helps us to be able to ask questions.  Making sense of our world can sometimes be hard, and we believe that Science helps us to do that. But Science as a subject also opens doors!  Key Stage 3 leads to GCSE, which can lead to A Levels, BTEC, apprenticeships, college, further education and employment.  Science opens all of these doors.  But the real reason that Science matters to students is because questions are there to be answered.

What does Science help young people to achieve?

Knowing how our world works is a great achievement in itself.  Being able to explain the structure of an atom, how our hearts work, why doors open when we push them - these are all great achievements. Having two or three GCSEs in Science is a great achievement.

Being able to go to college to do A Levels, completing an apprenticeship in a trade or a technical field, going on to university, getting a good job that makes us feel fulfilled.  These are all great achievements, and all of them are made easier by a good knowledge of Science, and by doing well in Science.  

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