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Modern Foreign Languages

Why study MFL at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

At NLC, we believe that learning another language opens students’ minds to a world of new possibilities and opportunities and helps to builds confidence, resilience and independence as they learn to communicate in a new language. Through language learning, we aim to develop students’ awareness of other cultures and different ways of thinking which, in turn, leads them to have a deeper understanding of their own identity, language and culture.  In KS3, we focus on equipping students with core vocabulary and structures that they can build on as they develop their language competence.  We aim to make language learning an exciting and vibrant experience for pupils through the use of relevant, authentic materials that they can relate to, using song, video, poems, writings as well as digital resources that students can access away from the classroom.

Why do Modern Languages matter as a subject?

Research shows that learning another language helps to increase brain capacity and improve general cognitive ability and problem-solving skills.  It also allows students to step out of their familiar cultural environment and develop an awareness of different ways of life around the world and to appreciate and celebrate diversity.   In turn, again supported by research, this leads language learners to become more tolerant and to have more empathy towards others.

Language learning also enhancing students’ literacy skills in their own language by increasing their understanding of language structure and expanding their vocabulary through contact with French vocabulary that frequently equates to ‘higher level ‘ English essential for understanding more complex material in other subjects.

What do Modern Languages help young people to achieve?

In an increasingly globalised world, there are now very few jobs that do not benefit from knowledge of another language. English is spoken by only 25% of the world population and UK employers are now actively seeking employees who can communicate in other languages.  Having a modern language gives students a competitive edge when applying for further education and opens doors to more opportunities at home and abroad.  It can also lead to higher earnings!

The invaluable creativity, resilience and communication skills developed through learning a foreign language are essential, transferable skills useful to all students as they progress through life.


At KS3 we aim to help students develop a cultural awareness and an understanding of the core vocabulary and grammar needed to develop communication skills in the target language. We want our students to feel increasingly confident about expressing their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers.  Through the use of authentic musical, visual and written materials as well as referencing French-speaking communities and influential French speakers we aim to inspire students to continue learning French in KS4 and beyond.

Learning Journey

Spanish LJ


Year 7 Conversation French 

Year 8 Conversation French 

Year 9 Conversation French

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