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Why study Geography at Netherhall Learning Campus High School?

Geography helps pupils understand their diverse human and physical surroundings in both the UK and further afield. Through the Key Stage 3 curriculum students are encouraged to ask questions, form opinions and make judgements on a wide range of environmental, economic and social issues.

Why does Geography matter as a subject?

Geography is essential in helping pupils understand the world that we live in today. It gives an insight into how physical and human processes combine to shape landscapes and societies around the twenty first century world.

What does Geography help young people to achieve?

Geography enables students to develop their enquiry, critical thinking, literacy and numeracy skills. The ability to investigate and evaluate issues and present a supported judgement is central to the curriculum across both key stages. These skills are relevant to a wide range of future careers.


In KS3 we aim to promote curiosity and an enquiring mind whilst developing the foundation knowledge, understanding and skills needed for GCSE.  In line with GCSE there is a strong UK focus alongside the opportunity to explore human and physical processes further afield. As well as learning about the physical and human elements of the world we live in, students will also develop their literacy, data presentation, mathematical and statistical skills.

Learning Journey

NLC Geography Visual Learning Journey

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