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Triple Award Science



What is the difference between this course  and the normal science course?

All pupils take dual award science, but this only gives them 2 GCSE's in the subject.
If your child does not take this option it does not mean they will not do science at GCSE!

Triple award science allows pupils to gain separate GCSE grades in biology, chemistry and physics. This obviously needs more time to teach, which is why it is an option subject.

Why would I take this course?

  • If you want to do a future career in any science area such as medicine (including pharmacy, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy as well as being a doctor), Animal Care, (including being a vet, veterinary nurse or working with animals in general) or Forensic Science then this extra science course is for you.
  • If you intend to study Science at Post 16, in particular do any A-levels in biology, chemistry or physics, then most local colleges require triple award science.
  • If you really enjoy science and want to do more of it in your day to day school life.

Entry requirements

  • You must be getting at least a Grade 6 or higher in your science lessons at the moment. Grade 5
    pupils will be considered, however the course is designed for the pupils to take the higher tier exams at the end.
  • You must have good attendance and a good behaviour record, especially within science lessons.
  • We are looking at running a group of around 20 pupils for this course and so demand for this option will undoubtedly be high.

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