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What will I learn in this subject?

You will take many, many photos! In GCSE you will have the opportunity to experiment with many photographic techniques such as painting with light, panorama, close-up, joiner, colour splash, mixed media, exploring composition and layering. You will develop your skills in Photoshop to manipulate your images in interesting ways!

Anything else I need to know?

You need to be creative and passionate about photography to succeed. The coursework is quite time consuming so you must make sure you keep up to date with deadlines. As most of your work is digital you must be prepared to stay after school to complete any home/course work given. You also need to be prepared to write about your work and evaluate it in your logbook.

What can I do after?

(The jobs below are potential routes which would mean two years at college in this area)

  • Portrait photographer
  • Movie stills photographer
  • Advertisement/ fashion photographer
  • Sports photographer
  • Travel photographer
  • Medical photographer in theatre/ micro photographer (cells etc)
  • Wildlife/ animal photographer
  • Music/gig/ wedding/ event photographer
  • Real estate photographer
  • Crime scene photographer
  • Paparazzi
  • Editor for commercial photography
  • Editor for movie industry
  • Re-toucher for fashion photography
  • Creative director
  • Areal/landscape/ under water photographer

How is it assessed?

60% coursework - This is made up of two projects. Both projects will include photo shoots, and exploring photographic techniques, planning personal photo shoots and producing a final outcome of your choice or technique. You
will research, evaluate and analyse different photographers' work that will influence your own shooting and evaluate your own imagery.

40% exam - This is a practical exam. You will be given your exam question in the January of year 11. You will then have time research, experiment, design and plan what you will do in your exam time. The exam is 10 hours long and it will take place over two days during this time you will be shooting and editing a final piece.

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