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What will I learn in this subject? 

The GCSE Geography course will build on the topics and skills learned over Key Stage 3. The focus will be on both physical and human geography and developing geographical skills over the three years of the course.

Living with the physical environment looks at natural hazards, the living world and UK landscapes.

Challenges in the human landscape looks at the challenges and issues of living in cities, the changing economic world, and the challenges and issues of the resources needed for people around the world.

Geographical application involves the development of map, graphical, mathematical and statistical skills. This will be done both in the classroom and through field work on site and further afield. We hope to run a residential to support the course.

Anything else I need to know? 

The course will not only develop your knowledge and understanding of the world in which you live, but will also provide you with a variety of skills such as literacy, numeracy, map reading, problem solving, enquiry skills to help you become an independent learner. As Geography is such a wide ranging subject it goes well with both science based and arts based subjects.

What can I do after? 

Geography is an academic subject, which is highly respected by employers, colleges and universities alike. It has a wide range of thinking and practical skills. Some of those who study Geography at GCSE level carry on to A-Level and Degree.
It is useful for lots of careers, for example:

  • Teaching
  • Civil Aviation 
  • Engineering
  • Geology
  • Tourism
  • Business & Commerce
  • Environmental Science
  • Armed Services 

Learning Journey

NLC Geography Visual Learning Journey

How is it assessed? 

3 exams at the end of Y11

  • Paper 1. Living with the physical environment.
  • Paper 2. Challenges in the human environment.
  • Paper 3. Geographical applications.

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