Rawthorpe St James CofE (VC) Infant & Nursery School

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Rawthorpe St James CofE (VC) Infant & Nursery School

Sports premium

The Government has given every Primary School funding to develop Physical education and competitive sport.

At Rawthorpe St James CofE (VC) Infant & Nursery School we are using this funding to:

  • Employing specialist coaches to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE
  • Make sure every child in KS1 is active for 30 minutes a day.
  • Releasing the school PE Coordinators for professional development in PE and sport to then feedback to staff.
  • Providing quality-assured professional training for staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport
  • Work alongside Kirklees Active Schools to help promote a universal message across Kirklees about the importance of regular activity for children. Which also helps us to make links to sports clubs held in the wider community.
  • To increase the amount of competitive sport in which our children participate by working in partnership with neighbouring schools to organise competitions.
  • Provide extra provision for children who are talented by selecting them for a Gifted and Talented focused clubs.
  • To support the inclusion of those with special needs in sport.
  • Purchasing specialist equipment and teaching resources.
  • Providing an exciting range of after-school sport clubs run by staff and specialist coaches which have included:
    • Football
    • Games
    • Multi-skills
    • Rugby
    • Dance
    • Athletics
    • Archery
    • Survival
    • Fencing

At Netherhall Learning Campus we recognise the importance of fostering a love of sport and an active lifestyle from an early age. Our goal with the support of this funding is to provide all our pupils a high quality PE provision in and outside curriculum time.


Evidencing-the-Impact-of-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium 2018.19

Sports Premium Impact 2018.19 action plan - Infant

Sports Premium Impact  Autumn 2018

Evidencing-the-Impact-of-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium 2017

Children enjoying PE photo

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