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Climbing Wall at Netherhall Learning Campus High School

Netherhall Learning Campus High School is officially opening our new climbing wall to all pupils this week. Our staff have been fully trained and assessed and are excited to get the pupils climbing from Monday 15th March 2021!
Due to the nature of this activity, safety is our number one priority and strict rules are in place ; therefore no jewellery or hoodies are allowed whilst climbing. 
There are two ways pupils can climb the wall:
One is by the use of an automatic belay device, which lowers the pupil down without any aid. Due to safety regulations helmets are not worn.
The second is by the use of a manual belay device, where the teacher is in control of the rope and lowering the pupil. Helmets are compulsory.
Pupils will be using the automatic belays during their PE lessons and both the manual and the automatic devices for afterschool clubs.

If you have any questions about the climbing wall, please do not hesitate to contact school on 01484 382140 or by email to

PE Department

Netherhall Learning Campus High School

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