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RE: Year 10 ‘Virtual’ Parents’ Event

You are invited to the Year 10 Parents' Event on Thursday 6th January 2022; the event will run virtually from 4:00pm to 7:30pm and will provide an opportunity for parents to talk to their child’s tutor about their current progress via video link. 

Students are not required to take part in the meetings but it may be beneficial for parents to share the key points on progress, attainment and achievement with them following the meeting.

The school uses an online appointment booking system. This allows you to choose your appointment times with your child’s tutor and receive an email confirming your appointment. The same system will also host the video meeting.

The system allocates 5 minutes per appointment, with a 2 minute break between each one. The appointment time will automatically start at your allocated time and is not able to be reset or paused and will end after 5 minutes. If you feel you need more time to discuss any issues, an additional meeting for a later time can be arranged via email directly with the member of staff.

 Making Appointments

Please visit to register. Once registered you can book your virtual tutor appointment when the event goes live on the website at 6pm on Monday 13th December 2021 and will close on Tuesday 4th January 2021 at 9pm.

 During the current situation we find ourselves in, it is important we build on the positives and eradicate where possible the negatives, we can only do this if we work together to build on your child’s success as well as to reflect on how to improve their outcomes throughout the rest of this academic year.

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